Monday, June 23, 2014

19 week update

How Far Along? 19 weeks! How is it possible that we're already almost half way to meeting this baby?!??

Size of Baby: According to The Bump, about the size of a mango. About 6 inches long, 8.5oz.

Symptoms: Still some nausea and sickness the odd morning, but definitely improving. Round ligament pain has shown up. And headaches, oh my, the headaches (I blame them on my anti-nausea meds)!!!

Movement: Yes, although not too consistent yet. Just started feeling the first flutters the past 2 weeks or so and they're definitely getting stronger.

Cravings: I actually had my first pickle cravings ever - I never ate pickles while pregnant with Tessa, they made me sick. Not the case this time, I could eat handfuls at times. :)

Maternity Clothes: Just bought a few T-shirts, and have been going back and forth between regular pants and maternity pants. I can actually still fit into my regular jeans, probably because I'm carrying on the higher side. I'm still on the lookout for some cute dresses for summer.

Most Looking Forward To: Ultrasound tomorrow!! We get to see our little bambino for the first time! Can't wait!

Monday, June 9, 2014

A Little Avocado...

This is a little strange, signing back into my Blogger account after over 3 months away! It's been a nice little break from has been busy with working part time and I just haven't found the time to get any writing done. I've also felt like I haven't had much to say these past few months, and didn't want to write posts just for the sake of writing posts, so that's why it's been so quiet around here.

And the biggest reason for my disappearance is that we've been busy trying to sell our house and buy a new one and all that goes along with that. We need more space since baby #2 will be making his or her appearance sometime in November!

If you follow me on Instagram you've probably already seen this picture, but I wanted to put it on the blog too, since I'll be starting some pregnancy update posts in the next few weeks...which means I need to start taking some bump pictures! I can't believe we're already past the 17 week mark...this pregnancy is FLYING by! Our ultrasound will be in a little over 2 weeks and we're so excited to see this new little one.

So far this pregnancy has been quite similar to Tessa's, except that I'm finding that some symptoms have started earlier and in some cases are much worse than the first time. I've heard that's pretty common. For me, the nausea & sickness started about 3 weeks earlier than it did with Tessa and has been much, MUCH worse. I've also started to have some slight hip and pelvic discomfort that I didn't get until later with Tessa, as well as nasal congestion that I didn't get until the last 8 weeks or so last time around. And of course, I'm bigger than I was at this stage last time. But other than that I'm feeling pretty good and am so excited to be a part of bringing another life into this world.

17 weeks - excuse the terrible picture!
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