Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Growing Up...

One of the most often talked about things when a baby is nearby is how fast they grow and change and how quickly time flies once you have kids. "It's going so fast" and "she's growing so quickly" are probably the two phrases I've heard, said, and thought the most since becoming a mom. And for good reason - it's completely true.

Meeting my baby girl for the first time
When I was pregnant and in Tessa's first few days and weeks of life, people warned me about how time would suddenly start speeding up. I never really believed it until she came along. Everyone is right - time is FLYING and sometimes I feel desperate to slow it down. It's funny - before I was a mom, I quite often found myself wishing time away whenever I felt unhappy with whatever circumstance I was currently in - when I was in university I often thought "life will be so much better once I'm done school and working", before getting pregnant it was "things will be better once we have kids", when I didn't enjoy my job I thought "if only I was doing something else", etc, etc. Now, it's totally the opposite - sometimes I wish I could rewind or at least pause time for a little while.

However, it occurred to me as I was thinking about how fast time is moving, that this is exactly what is supposed to happen. I don't want her to stay a baby forever (even though I know I'll miss the baby days when they're gone) because there are so many good things yet to come. Yes, there is always a twinge of sadness each time she hits a new milestone, but the sadness is always mixed with excitement. I can't wait to see who she's going to become and what she's going to do with her life. I'm so excited for when I can have a conversation with her, chase her around the yard, and watch her learn and try new things. There is so much hope and possibility and potential wrapped up in a baby and I simply cannot wait to watch it all unfold.

2 weeks old
3 months old

I think having a baby is teaching me (finally) how to enjoy and cherish and be thankful for right now (even during sleepless nights and teething!), to stop wishing time away or wanting to be somewhere else, and to be fully present in the here and now. I want to live these days to their fullest, to soak up every precious moment, and not let a single thing pass me by. To be thankful for all that has been, and excited for what is still to come.

5 months

"In everything give thanks...." 1 Thess. 5:18


  1. I LOVE this! It's exactly how I feel! I love watching Mya grow, but it makes me sad how fast time is going and that she's not my tiny baby anymore! :( Totally bittersweet.

    1. Thanks Jen! It's so true...bittersweet is right!


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