Tuesday, September 23, 2014

32 Weeks (and a little life update)

How far along? 32+ weeks

Size of baby: Squash, about 3.5lbs and 15-16.5 inches long.

Symptoms: Feeling pretty good these days, other than lower back and pelvic discomfort. Braxton Hicks are pretty frequent (and getting stronger) now.

Movement: Lots of hiccups lately, and it feels like they're coming from low down - my doctor confirmed this morning that baby is indeed head down (yay!!).

Cravings: Sweets, as usual. And peanut butter, which sucks, because it gives me heartburn.

Most looking forward to: Being done work, although that's still about a month away. And of course, meeting our new little one in (hopefully) less than 2 months.

I still can't believe that in about 2 months or so, we'll have two kids! I'm not sure why - probably because we've been so busy the last few months - but it's almost like I haven't fully processed that we're having another baby so soon and that we're going to be parents of two! This pregnancy went so fast and, while I feel ready to meet him or her, we still have lots to do before the big day.

It's so funny how different things have been this pregnancy. The second time around is definitely much more relaxed and laid back. We still don't even have the nursery set up or anything - the first time, we had the room pretty much ready by just past the halfway point. We had decided on Tessa's name within a week or so of finding out she was a girl, this time we didn't get around to even thinking about names until about a month ago, and finally settled on one maybe 2-3 weeks ago. My diet's been more slack - I'm having caffeine once in a while and have eaten deli meat a few times (gasp!). I haven't even thought about packing a hospital bag. Of course, life is much different now than it was during our first pregnancy, and we've been so busy with buying & selling houses, moving, and working on our basement, and of course, being parents to a busy toddler, that we honestly haven't had the time to sit down and wrap our heads around the fact that baby number 2 will be here before we know it and life is about to change drastically! I think I'll also be much more relaxed when it gets to the end too - last time, I was impatient and frustrated when my due date came and went - this time I feel like I'm much more prepared to wait and let things happen on their own, partly because we still have so much to do, but also because I'm really feeling the need to hold on to every single moment I have left with Tessa as my "baby"...she's growing up so fast, and I know things will change so much once the new baby comes, so I want to make the most of what time we have left as a family of three.

Speaking of Tessa, I just have to say that she is SO amazing!! She is at such a fun and exciting age, where she's absolutely soaking up everything around her and learning so much every day. I seriously feel like she learns at least 1 or 2 new words every day and is picking up new skills with amazing speed (kid can already put on and do up her velcro shoes by herself! I don't know, maybe that's not that great...). She loves reading stories ("'to-wy"), colouring ("co-do"), and helping mom around the house (she'll see a spot of water on the floor, grab the towel off the oven door and wipe it up without being asked, and she loves helping unload the dishwasher and sweeping) and dad out in the garage. I love her excitement and enthusiasm for all the little things...we'll be looking out the window or walking outside and she points out everything she knows and names it with such excitement. She has quite the independent streak and can be a little strong-willed at times, but for the most part she's easygoing and follows instructions well. We've had the occasional "major toddler meltdown" that everyone talks about and fears at this age, but those aren't all that common, thankfully, and I'm truly loving being a toddler mom.

I've had people tell me that having two is "way easier" than one, but I'm not sure I totally believe that. I've heard others say it's really hard, so I guess it just depends on each individual's experience. I guess there's really no way to fully prepare, since there will be so many variables and unknowns - I don't know what this new baby's personality and temperament will be like, how Tessa will react and adapt to the change, how I'll feel, how the birth and recovery go...so, in a sense, I feel like we'll be winging it a bit in the beginning. I'm not sure if there's really a whole lot I want to do differently than we did with Tessa (I think we've done an ok job, so far!), other than maybe be a bit more intentional with routine and schedule from the get-go (or as early as I can). In our experience, life is just so much easier with a predictable (but flexible) routine and I think it'll make life with two little ones more manageable. I'm also hoping it'll help with nighttime sleep, and hoping we can maybe avoid some of the issues we dealt with last time. But either way, we're so excited to meet our new precious bundle of joy and are looking forward to being a family of four!

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