Sunday, January 4, 2015

2014 Highlights

2014 has been a pretty crazy year, hence my complete neglect of this blog. I'm a little sad that I didn't get a chance to record events and experiences throughout the year, and I'm hoping that I can be a little more consistent with writing in 2015, but, You know.

We've had so many wonderful things happen this year. It's been stressful - I think more stressful than I even realized at the time, since we're not normally "busy" people. We really value and enjoy lots of down time in our lives, but things have been pretty much non-stop since we put our house up for sale back in April 2014. Despite that, it really has been a good year and we have so much to be thankful for. But I'm definitely hoping for and looking forward to a calmer 2015.

Here are our 2014 highlights:

Tessa's first birthday
These two pink lines in early March
House listed in late April...and officially sold just 5 weeks later

Our new home as of July
Packing up and moving on

Summer vacation to Ottawa
Beginning of our basement reno in August
Getting bigger and bigger...little did I know at the time, this would be my last pregnant bathroom shot
A big surprise in October...Violet Eve arrived 4.5 weeks early
8 days of the NICU life
Sisters meeting for the first time...
...and first photo as a family of four.
Getting to take Violet home, October 21.
Lots of sweet, ordinary  moments
Basement reno complete in early December...relief!!!
Violet's first Christmas
While 2014 has been good to us, it hasn't been without its challenges. Finding a new normal as a family of four, with two kids under two, hasn't been easy, but that's another topic for another post. We're almost at the three month mark, and I'm hoping that with all of the busy-ness behind us, we can settle down into a new (hopefully calmer and slower) rhythm. Happy New Year to all!

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