Monday, April 13, 2015

Violet Eve - 6 months

Okay, seriously, how is it possible that my baby is 6 months old??!? I honestly still think she's a newborn most of the's going WAY too fast.

We had a pretty good month. We finally got her naps figured out, and she's been doing great with 3 naps each day, but I'm kinda thinking she's getting close to dropping her late afternoon catnap. Hopefully once that happens, she'll lengthen her afternoon nap a bit more.

Night time sleep is up and down. Some nights it's great - she sleeps straight through with just a quick wake up around 5-6am. This week was off for some reason...I'm thinking we'll be seeing the first tooth pop its little head up any day least I hope so, otherwise I have no explanation for why my normally good sleeper has been having such bad nights. C'est la vie, I guess.

Nursing is still going well, but she's starting to get distracted more easily while eating, especially if Tessa's around and making noise. I'm not sure what she weighs right now, we have her six month doctor's appointment next week, so we'll find out then, but I'm thinking she's getting close to 20 lbs. The six month mark really snuck up on me, and I guess it's time to start thinking about solids too. She hasn't really shown any interest as far as grabbing for food or watching us eat, so I'm not in any hurry. I've been reading up on baby led weaning, and would like to give it a try with Violet.

She's starting to get a lot more mobile. When she's on her tummy she turns herself in circles, and she's started rolling from tummy to back, but not the other way yet. We pulled out the exersaucer a few weeks ago and she loves being in there - I think she enjoys the new perspective she gets from being up higher and off the floor. She really seems to want to sit up and even stand. When you hold her up, she locks her legs and is quite strong. Maybe we'll have an early walker this time.

Her little personality is so sweet. She's quick to smile at anyone and everyone, and she loves attention. Sometimes if you look away she'll squeal until you look back at her, then she lights up. She's a little chatterbox once you get her going, and her giggles are the best. She's pretty easygoing most of the day, until late afternoon - usually right when I'm trying to make supper, when she seems to need more attention or activity to keep her from getting a little cranky. But as always, as soon as she sees the bathtub come out, she settles right down and is content again.

Everybody comments on Violet's big blue eyes, her long eyelashes, her red hair, and, of course, her huge smiles. She's a beautiful girl in every way and she brings so much sunshine into our home.

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