Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Year-End Reflection

What an amazing, life-changing, full, and exciting year it has been for us. 2013 will always be a special year for me since it's the year I became a mother. There were so many wonderful moments throughout the year - many of which we were able to capture forever in photos. Here are some of my favorites - it was so hard to choose just one or two for each month!

First family photo

Tessa's been such a happy girl right from the beginning

So glad I allowed myself to enjoy these moments - they never happen anymore with our independent, busy little girl!

Tessa's dedication at church

First Mother's Day

Enjoying the beautiful weather and some disc golf on Father's Day

First solid food

First of many family summer trips - Victoria, BC

Soaking up the sun

My pretty little girl - growing up so fast!

Bedtime stories with Dad

I am so incredibly thankful and blessed that I was able to spend this past year at home with my daughter. As I look back over these photos - and many others - I've realized that most of my favorite moments of this past year happened right here, in our home. Most of them weren't anything grand or extraordinary - they were simple, everyday moments that may have easily slipped by unnoticed. Having a baby and watching her grow and change at warp speed has made me so much more aware of the passing of time and how precious each moment truly is. This year off allowed me to slow down and take the time to notice many of those little moments that are gone way too fast. Other than the birth of our daughter, our year has been made up of a series of simple, quiet, seemingly insignificant moments. We didn't really do anything spectacular. I can't really say that I achieved or accomplished much from the world's point of view (let's be honest - some days I was still in my pajamas at noon). But I wouldn't trade all those small, mundane, everyday moments that made up our lives in 2013 for anything. Those moments mean nothing to the vast majority of the world. But to me, they have become a part of who I am - they have shaped, tugged, stretched, and changed me in so many ways - and they are everything to me.

Yes, I'm a little sad to say goodbye to 2013. But I do feel hopeful and excited for what 2014 will hold for us and I am ready to meet the new year and all that it will bring.

Happy New Year!


  1. I would have a hard time choosing just two photos for each month, too! :) Love that last Christmas family photo.

  2. Thanks Andrea! I could have easily done 5 or 6 for each month, but didn't want to bore everyone...haha! :)


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