Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday Faves

     This is my first time writing a "Friday Favorites" post and linking up with Jennie and Lindsey. Usually I don't have my act together enough to be paying attention to my favorite things from the week, never mind getting them all together in a post for Friday morning, but for some reason this week was different. I've also really enjoyed reading other people's Friday Favorites posts and have found some great recipes, articles, Etsy shops, and inspiration for all kinds of things through them, so I wanted to join the fun. So, in no particular order, here are my favorite things from this week:


She says it all so well! I was nodding along and probably saying "yes" out loud as I read it. Especially #1, #2, #3, #6...oh, just all of it! Mamas, go read it.

I was starting on some Christmas shopping this week (yes!) and was browsing through the children's section of Chapters when the title of this book caught my eye. I read through it right there in the store, dried my eyes and bought it for Tessa. It's exactly how I've felt so many times - wanting to keep my baby little, but at the same time wanting her to grow up and being excited to see who she'll become.

Starbucks Peppermint Mocha is my all-time favorite drink, but I only allow myself to buy it when it's actually on the menu at Starbucks - so from early November to the end of December. To me, it just tastes like Christmas and I think it would be a little weird ordering it in July. This year, they came out with Peppermint Mocha that you can make yourself at home! Um, yes please!! I got this in my Cara Box (more on that next week) and have already almost polished it off. Christmas in a cup!

This song

Yes, I've already started listening to Christmas tunes (and once I start there's no stopping until January!). We discovered Over The Rhine's Christmas album last year and I think it's all fabulous, but especially this song.

I stumbled upon FallCode on Etsy this week, completely by accident, and I'm so glad I did! I love it all...and bonus that they're a Canadian shop too! Everything looks so cozy and I just love the tree branch buttons on the hats. I might actually enjoy going out in the snow and cold with one of these gorgeous hats on! Now to decide what to buy....

These moments:

10 months old!!!
All recovered from her sickness and back to her silly self.

Happy Friday!


  1. I love that book. I have been reading it to M since he was a newborn and I used to cry all the time while reading it :) Glad Tessa is all better!

  2. Oh gosh, how much did I loove that article! just shared on facebook! so good. And thanks for the etsy shop find!!!!! Yahoo! Always looking for good Canadian etsy shops! Shipping is such a killer!


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